Pax Warrior is...

Pax Warrior is a Hybrid New Media product for the educational and training markets that extends the nascent "Interactive Documentary" form to incorporate decision based simulation and collaborative learning tools.

We know that's a mouthful - so if you like you can just call Pax an engaging way to learn about history, civics, citizenship, social studies and current events! Others have so you'll be in good company!

V 1.0 - our introductory module - weaves the tragic story of the UN experience in Rwanda placing the user, first person, in the shoes of a UN Commander trying to maintain peace.

What are the terrible choices to be made? What would you have done in his shoes? What will you do to make sure this never happens again?



If you would like to arrange for your group to use pax warrior go here.

For more information -- beyond what is on the site -- please contact us we'll be happy to oblige.


Pax Warrior is curently being distributed to educational authorities throughout the world. Pax Warrior has a long history of successful use in High Schools and Universities around the world. Educators are invited to request information regarding use in their schools.

Pax Warrior will be made available online in a single user version in Q4 2009.



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