about Pax Warrior

One of the first questions people ask us is how we came up with our name.

Pax comes from the Latin word for Peace, and in tribal culture and mythology the word Warrior is taken to mean protector. The words Pax and Warrior work together like Peace and Keeper, they are two parts of a name that form the intention but are a juxtaposition of opposite meanings. Ideally, peace should just be the norm, not something we have to assign soldiers to maintain. Our name is a reflection of how a peacekeeper's role is one of diplomacy as much as it is about defence. We use it to speak to the notion of being engaged in our individual roles within peace and justice processes.

In this section we provide context for educators and students, as well as the parents, to provide you a clear understanding of what Pax Warrior brings to the classroom. Pax also has applications for civil society training and we have included potential uses, along with feedback from experts in the field.

The Pax experience delves into the design rational and gives you a walk through of the V1.0. We would like to also to illustrate the kind of attention Pax Warrior is receiving with testimonials and press coverage. And in case you wanted to know how this product came to be, read about Pax's inception.

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