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collaborative learning environments
conflict prevention
counter-factual scenario builder
decision-based simulation
Interactive Documentary
learning objects

UN acronyms


the capacity or state of acting or of exerting power

collaborative learning environments

a style of teaching and learning where students work in teams toward a common goal, the idea being students learn from each other

Conflict prevention

when international NGOs or local organizations make efforts to stop conflicts from escalating, using resources and/or preventative policy to ease tensions

counter-factual scenario builder

a hypothetical set of situations of what would or could be, but not necessarily a truth statement

Decision-based simulation

a scenario that changes with each decision made by the user, illustrating cause and effect relationships


emotional involvement or commitment, or a hostile encounter between military forces


promoting human welfare and social reform

Interactive Documentary

a new media take on the standard documentary, introducing layers that standard film cannot bring a viewer, using convergent-media to create a user-driver experience


participants in the learning experience of the Interactive Documentary

learning objects

electronic resources stored online for anyone in the user group to access - in simple terms, a learning object is like a book in a library - one resource in a repository of many learning resources

UN agencies

ASEAN : : Association of South-East Asian Nations
CERN : : European Organisation for Nuclear Research
CEMAC : : Communaute Economique et Monetaire de l'Afrique Centrale
DPKO – Department of Peace Keeping Operations
ECA : : Economic Commission for Africa
ESCWA : : Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
FAO : : Food and Agriculture Organisation
ICRC : : International Committee of the Red Cross
ILO : : International Labour Organisation
UNAIDS : : United Nations programme on AIDS
UNCTAD : : United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNCSTD : : United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development
UNDP : : United Nations Development Programme
UNEP : : United Nations Environment Programme
UNESCO : : United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
UNFIP : : United Nations Fund for International Partnerships
UNFPA : : United Nations Population Fund
UNHCR : : United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UN-HABITAT : : United Nations Human Settlements Programme
UNICEF : : United Nations Children's Fund
UNIDIR : : United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research
UNIDO : : United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
UNIFEM : : United Nations Development Fund for Women
UNISDR : : United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
UNITAR : : United Nations Institute for Training and Research
UNMIK : : United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo
UNNGLS : : United Nations Non Governmental Liaison Service
UNOCHA : : United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
UNOG : : United Nations Office at Geneva
UNOPS : : United Nations Office for Project Services
UNRISD : : United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
UNRWA : : United Nations Relief and Works Agency
UNU : : United Nations University
UNV : : United Nations Volunteers
UPU : : Universal Postal Union
WHO : : World Health Organisation
WIPO : : World Intellectual Property Organisation
WTO : : World Trade Organisation

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