testimonials : reaction to Pax Warrior

Professionals across the board have praised Pax for its innovation and handling of the history of the Rwandan genocide. There is a unique opportunity with this type of interactivity to get people involved and thinking about the impact - the ethical dimension - of their own actions on issues. Every step of the way they must ask, what could I do. It is our hope that by asking these questions it will be clear that we all must do more.

"[Pax] may be the most effective means yet to help teenagers realize that the world is a much more complex place than most commercial media reporting would have us believe."

Howard Cutler, Executive Producer WGBH

Recognizing User Intelligence

"I was personally impressed with the way in which a potentially sensitive subject was brought to life with effects that appealed to the emotions, intellect and senses while avoiding "video game" sensationalism."

Peter Dawson,  Pearson Peacekeeping Centre

Peter Dawson, Director of Exercises for the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre is the principal designer and author of training products for peace operations training and education.



Engaging design and civics

"…it was the first new media interactive approach I had seen that provided an immersive experience, and one that could potentially bridge the filmic and computer/interactive environments … elegantly realized graphically and technically, but the subject matter also distinguished it from other new media projects, which rarely grapple with "important" issues. "

Christopher Sumpton, Producer/Director, Cogent/Benger Productions


Need to remember Rwanda

"In the year when the film Schindler's List was winning Academy Awards, when everyone left the theatre with the words 'Never Again' resonating in their minds, in Rwanda well over a half million people were being slaughtered. We must educate our population not only to understand what happened in Rwanda but that we played a role in allowing it to happen."

Howard Adelman, Centre for Refugee Studies, York University

Raising the media bar "There is a lot of room in the new media industry for innovative quality content. We think Pax Warrior as a concept has the potential to move the standard up a notch."

George Chiu, Production Executive, CTV

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