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The Pax Warrior Learning Objects have application across many curricula. In Canada they map to the Social Studies and history curriculum. Pax is useful for teaching about racism, humanitarianism, civics, ethics and the critical thinking necessary for decision making.


Teacher’s Guide

Dr. Carol Ann Reed, genocide education specialist, is responsible for our teacher’s guide. The guide addresses concerns teachers may have in teaching such material. Teachers are given guidelines for appropriate activities to create a safe environment in which to deal with issues and questions that may arise in the classroom. It also outlines why it is so important to teach about the genocide, and how rewarding the experience is for teachers and students.


"… If we do not discuss issues that young students know to exist, we are imbuing these issues with more power to confuse and emotionally thwart the intellectual and moral development of those students."

" To help our students [rationally discuss these issues] in a safe place, within a guided process is, in our opinion, a key role for educators. By studying such relevant subjects in the classroom we signal to our students that school-based education is vital to their interests and will appropriately equip them for the world they are about to enter as adults."

Dr. Reed will make suggestions for the collaborative learning environment, for individual study projects and other resources teachers can consult.

Teacher’s have access to the Pax Warrior Teacher’s Guide online and can print copies from PDF.

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Curriculum applications

This unique pedagogical tool presents an opportunity to change the way history, peacekeeping, genocide and human rights are taught - a way that demands critical thinking about ethical issues while engaging students with a compelling combination of history and new media simulation.

Pax Warrior fulfils a number of learning objectives. In particular, it is ideal for Social Studies, History, Politics, and Law courses.

•  History ­ The Rwandan Genocide
•  International Law
•  Social Studies - citizenship
•  Genocide Studies
•  Peacekeeping ­ the importance of this in the Canadian political agenda
•  Racism and Hate
•  Human Rights
•  Media Literacy, Critical Thinking
•  Global Citizenship ­ the responsibility of Canadians and Canada as a member of the UN

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