Pax Warrior partners

About our partners


Pax Warrior is a ground breaking project that requires many helping hands.

Investors and Funders have recognized the unique potential of Pax Warrior to educate and inform.

We are beholden and grateful to them!

the gold list

Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies, Norway

The institute conducts policy-related research at the international level, concentrating primarily on countries undergoing substantial structural changes and nation building.

Foreign Affairs, Canada

Foreign Affairs Canada supports Canadians abroad, works towards a more peaceful and secure world, and promotes Canadian culture and values internationally.

Habitat - Canadian Film Centre, Canada

The Canadian Film Centre is Canada's foremost institution for advanced training and production in film, television and new media.

Habitat is the Canadian Film Centre's new media lab. Created in 1997, Habitat provides a unique training and production think-tank environment designed for emerging new media content developers.

Telefilm Canada

A cultural investor in film, television, new media and music

Telefilm Canada is a federal cultural agency dedicated primarily to the development and promotion of the Canadian film, television, new media and music industries.

Interactive Project Lab

The Interactive Project Lab (IPL), established in 2002, accelerates the creative, business and technology skills of Canadian interactive media talent to foster the creation of innovative projects and viable start-up new media companies.

The IPL was Canada's first national interactive project acceleration program, in which successful prototypes selected from a Canadian-wide competition were refined and developed for the domestic and international marketplace.

Heritage Canada

Canadian Heritage is responsible for national policies and programs that promote Canadian content, foster cultural participation and active citizenship.

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